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Forced Draft Units
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Installation Service

In the harsh conditions of continuous production, the customer needs to get a quick replacement of worn-out equipment within the strictly allotted time of the planned production shutdown and with a guarantee of a successful result.  

KMZ successfully replaces smoke pumps on roasting machines and other technological units on a turnkey basis with the following stages of work:

  • carrying out measurements of the existing foundation and location of gas flues;
  • aerodynamic selection of the smoke pump to ensure the required characteristics;
  • design of the smoke pump regarding existing foundations and flues;
  • production of a smoke pump;
  • aerodynamic testing of applied solutions on the stand;
  • acceptance tests: control assembly and test of the smoke pump in the presence of the customer;
  • dismantling of existing equipment;
  • installation and connection of the smoke pump, electric motor, automatic control system and integration into the existing technological process in the required time;
  • carrying out measurements of the characteristics of the smoke pump to confirm the required parameters in the customer's production conditions.