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Forced Draft Units
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KMZ is located in Artemovsky, Sverdlovsk region and is engaged in the production of large forced draft machinery.

KMZ offers its customers a wide range of products in the field of industrial gas purification, energy-efficient smoke exhausters and superchargers. The accumulated experience and highly qualified technical specialists allow us to solve the tasks as accurately as possible, using modern technologies in the field of moving gas-air mixtures, upgrading outdated equipment, increasing service life and reducing maintenance costs.

Creating a new product, first of all, we consider the requirements of safe, uninterrupted and reliable operation of the mechanisms.

We think about harsh operating conditions, increased abrasive and corrosive wear as another opportunity to demonstrate to the Customer the high level of our engineering capabilities.


KMZ offers customized solutions for each branch

KMZ Technical Solutions apply to the following areas:

Non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy
Cement industry
Gas industry
Chemical industry