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Chemical industry

In the production of chemicals and mineral fertilizers, technological fans are used to ensure the movement of highly aggressive gases from reaction apparatuses and furnaces. Failure of one fan causes the entire production line to stop

Fans, developed by the KMZ plant meet all the requirements of the customer:

  • Using of European materials with high corrosion resistance (AISI, URANUS, titanium and others);
  • Application of welding technologies in the environment of high-purity inert gases;
  • Quality control of compounds by means of non-destructive and destructive testing;
  • High tightness of connections; reduced sticking of the moving medium;
  • Reducing the impact of sticking material on the vibration level of bearings due to load distribution and the use of upgraded undercarriages;
  • Complete set of fans with the impeller flushing system without disassembly of the housing;
  • Maintainability; vibration diagnostics system;
  • Possibility to scroll the fan assembly in the presence of the customer.